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All the profits raised from the sale of Children Belong in Families will go to support the work of SFAC, the charity Mick founded in 2002. 



Mick Pease is founder and CEO of SFAC (Strengthening Families for Abandoned Children). He promotes and advocates family-based care for vulnerable children worldwide. A qualified social worker and former miner, he lives in Leeds, UK, with his wife Brenda. They have two boys, Mark and Kevin, and 6 grandchildren.

After 35 years working as a social worker, Mick resigned in order to work full time with SFAC in 2015. 

Mick's other passion is football. He is a season ticket holder at Leeds United. He loves to spend his spare time with his family even if that means just being around them. "It's who I am and where I belong."

Philip Williams is a freelance marketing researcher and writer. He has worked in communications management for universities and colleges and won several writing prizes. He lives in Cheshire, UK and has two grown up daughters. 



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